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NYFW Street Style | Source
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creams and red / spring st 
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The top 100 Fashion Infographics of 2013:
1. How to tie a scarf ~ The Twice-Around Ascot2. A visual glossary of Skirt types3. Travel like an athlete4. DIY: Tie Dye Cheat Sheet5. A guide to hat types6. DIY Double Scarf7. A visual guide to Braid types8. A visual glossary of basic hat types for women9. The braided Bohemian Up-do10. A Typographic Guide to Beards11. A little slice of: Not your average Bun12. A Map of Textile Fibers13. Movember Special : Know Before You Grow14. 5 ways to wear a scarf15. How to fold a pocket square16. The Ultimate Packing Guide for International Explorers17. How to contour your face18. How to tie the straight lace19. Retro Hairdos20. Colors to wear based on Eye color21. 'How to Tie a Tie' Part 5/18 ~ Bow Tie22. 'How to Tie a Tie' Part 16/18 ~ Eldredge Tie Knot23. A cheat sheet to contouring24. A Gentleman’s Guide to Shoes25. The Big Bun Theory26. Visual Shoe Dictionary27. Les Mustaches28. How to blend eyeshadows29. A visual glossary of shoe heel types30. Backpack guide31. 5 creative ways to fold a pocket square32. Wardrobe Essentials for Women33. A cheat sheet to Boudoir poses34. A visual comparison of necktie knot types35. 'How to Tie a Tie' Part 17/18 ~ Trinity Knot36. A 6 step guide to tying a tie37. The red lips tutorial38. Handy bag chart to match the occasion39. 'How to Tie a Tie' Part 13/18 ~ Grantchester Knot40. How to look dapper in a suit41. How to tie a scarf: The Twice-Around & The Hitch Knots42. A visual glossary of Neckline and Skirt styles43. Famous mustaches44. How to apply blush for your face shape45. How to tie scarf: the Fake Knot46. 'How to Tie a Tie' Part 6/18 ~ Kelvin Knot47.What to wear with Mustard48. 21 poses for your photo-shoot: A handy guide for men49. Suit versatility matrix50. How to fold a suit jacket ~ Method 3 of 351. 30 classics for the fashion forward business gal52. How to fold a jacket53. Black tie vs. White tie ~ Deciphering the dress code54. A Closet Cleanse Cheat Sheet55. A visual guide to Shirt Collars56. The trinity knot in 10 steps57. Know your Harem Pants58. A visual glossary of bag types59. A gentleman’s guide to collars, cuffs and lapels60. 'How to Tie a Tie' Part 3/18 ~ Full Windsor Knot61. 'How to Tie a Tie' Part 15/18 ~ Cafe Knot62. Male Neckwear63. How to tie a scarf - the Parisian Knot64. How to tie a scarf like Sherlock (on BBC)65. How to tie a Scarf series - 3 of 11: Over Hand66. How to reorganise your wardrobe67. The Necklace Length Guide68. 'How to Tie a Tie' Part 11/18 ~ Hanover Knot69. 15 ways to tie scarves70. How to tie a sarong71. Dopey vs. Dapper72. 'How to Tie a Tie' Part 18/18 - Christensen Knot73. Find your body shape74. Dressing for the Holidays: Your 60 seconds guide75. How to wear your backpack with style76. A visual guide to Fall Layering77. 8 creative ways to wear an infinity scarf78. How to dress like Amy Pond79. Fall Wardrobe Basics80. 'How to Tie a Tie' Part 2/18 ~ Half Windsor Knot81. How to groom appropriately for your job82. Pick a suit for each season83. Minimalist wardrobe = 30 pieces84. How you can make Guinevere’s Gown85. The Ultimate Shoes Vocabulary86. Backpack or Messenger?87. How to select the right boots for your body shape88. Hair do tutorial : Pigtails Bun89. Layering 10190. Where to apply highlighter91. A visual guide to travelling light92. Parisian Style Essentials (Part 2 of 6): The Trench93. A Wardrobe Checklist94. Fall classics for women95. DIY: Chain woven bracelet96. A guide to shampoo-less cleansing97. A scarf knot for The Weekender98. Skirt Length Guide99. Brow Shaping Guide (with directions)100. A handy flowchart to help you decide if your suit jacket can be worn as a blazer
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How to Pair Shirts with Sweaters -Shirts on Left, Sweaters on Right
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